About Us
About Us

Merryson Corporation has more than 30 years of experiences in the field of professional Jacquard. We are so far the largest Jacquard supplier in Taiwan. We Offer all kinds of different Jacquards and dobby fabrics for performance, home, apparel, outdoor, sports and some other functional fabrics for blinds and umbrella etc. In order to protect our earth, we also develop with many environmental friendly materials, such as organic cottons, recycled, coffee, bamboo charcoal, cooling yarns, and bio-degradable yarns.


We started with the Jacquard fabrics for home textile. Later on we put our efforts on making these home products with our own Jacquard fabrics including curtain, sofa cover, shower curtain, bedding, table clothes, napkins…etc. We invested numerously in developing our products along with the markets’ needs. Thus we started producing our Jacquards and knits for the fashion and apparel markets. Furthermore, we successfully developed our Jacquard fabrics for the sportswear and outerwear. Our R&D department develops hundreds of novelty fabrics every year. Customers are welcome to bring their ideas for developing their own patterns and designs for the one and the only Jacquards.


Many world-famous brands in different professional fields(performance, home, fashion, outdoor and sports)chose to corporate with us because of this ability to develop unique fabric according to their needs and requests. Recently we have raised our development to the next level - functional Jacquards.


Merryson Corporation has the ambition to promote the Jacquard products onto all the different stages of our daily lives. We are also very confident in cutting a conspicuous figure in promoting the Taiwanese Jacquard making technic to the world. We will continue working toward our ideal!



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